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#StepUpForChrist in Today’s Digital World

Published October 18, 2017

Navigating a digital world can be overwhelming, especially if a person’s time is focused on other worthwhile areas of ministry. However, an online presence and modern technology can help further biblical truth.

Chris Brown (’96) is a CSU alumnus who has turned digital Christian outreach into an effective asset for others in ministry. He is the executive director of Technology Ministry Network and founder of TechMin—a ministry which trains, supports and mobilizes people to reach others for Christ through technology. CSU has hosted TechMin’s conference on campus, and Brown mentors CSU students who are passional about technology.

Brown says, “We help those in ministry by taking the headache out of technology and helping them enhance what God called them to do with the tools of this age. With 46 percent of the world on the internet and technology becoming a necessity for ministry, we understand there is a need to take advantage of it for the Great Commission.”

Here are Brown’s top suggestions for effective digital outreach for Christ.

1. Optimize Your Website

Make sure your website is fast, secure and high-quality to give visitors an accurate preview of your church or ministry.

“90 percent of people will check out your website before they will attend your church,” Brown says. “Most of them will watch, listen and observe you online before they decide to trust you by attending on a Sunday.”

2. Go Live

Consider streaming your sermons and church events live. Viewing a sermon online can help visitors become familiar with worship, preaching and content. Live streaming church events shows how Christians get up and actually do the work of Christ in the world. What’s your church up to? Live stream, and let people see.

3. Get Social

Network, network, network! Use social media to draw people to a topic and then expand outward. Always be willing to spread Jesus’ name on social media outlets. And just as in your speech, make sure everything you say on your individual social media accounts reflects the love of Christ to others.

Smaller, more personal websites also serve that purpose. Generating traffic to a Christian-life blog or promoting works by Christian authors is a great way to reach the general public.

Brown and TechMin are making the most of the digital culture to help others hear about God. It’s fast-paced, constantly expanding and something Christians could utilize for the benefit of others. Someone out there is looking for Christ. If you make the effort, they are just one click away from discovering His love.

Kathryn Borne (’17) is a Communications-Writing major from Thompson, Pennsylvania

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