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Oct 18, 2017 | Summit Magazine

Published October 18, 2017

Being a parent of a child at the cusp of collegiate decisions can be overwhelming. We’ve asked experienced parents to provide their personal insight to encourage you.

Teddy (’76) and Karen (Ditty) Herron (’73) of Watkins Glen, New York, have been through the process four times. All of their children (and three children-in-law) attended CSU and now serve in ministry.
Brett (’93, ’99) and Nicole (Barna) Bixby (’96) of Montrose, Pennsylvania, just finished their first year as parents of a CSU student. Their daughter Avenlea Bixby entered as a freshman in 2016.

How to Navigate Your Child’s  Entrance to College

Pray. Pray. Pray!

Pray when they are little. Pray when they are college searching. Pray when they go off to school.

Encourage Involvement.

The Herron’s sons both gained invaluable ministry experience through CSU. They practiced preaching, counseling and other ministries in a safe, encouraging environment. The Bixby’s daughter has already developed her goal-setting and decision-making skills through service opportunities in her local church and residence hall leadership on campus. Her father explains, “God used this first year at CSU to grow Avenlea in leadership and dependence on God.”

Build on a Solid Foundation.

As alumni of CSU, the Bixbys and Herrons both found confidence in sending their children to their alma mater. Their own college experience, coupled with CSU’s commitment to the Word of God, gave them peace about the decision. Brett Bixby states, “We have stayed in touch with some of the staff and administration over the years and believe the environment is perfect for our daughter.”

Develop Relationships.

Avenlea Bixby’s admissions counselor, Charity Smith, and other members of the CSU team built a relationship with her to discover her personality and goals. Her parents recall Welcome Weekend at CSU as extremely helpful in easing the transition. The Bixbys pulled onto campus, were welcomed by student leaders and shown love from faculty, staff and residence hall directors that didn’t yet know their daughter.

Don’t Let Money Deter You.

When it’s God’s will, He always provides. For the Herrons, He provided through scholarships unique
to the state they lived in, a great job and the generosity of a Christian friend who would send financial gifts. College is an expensive and weighty decision, and Nicole Bixby praises, “God and His guidance were faithful all the way.” (Discover what your child’s entire collegiate experience will cost, and formulate a financial plan with CSU professionals. See the back cover for more!)

Don’t Worry.

When the worry starts to creep in, remember that God loves your child. Brett Bixby encourages, “God has a wonderful plan for all of our children, and if a group of godly men and women at CSU are used to mold and shape them into who they ought to be, then glory to God!”


Julie Wilson (’96, ’18), is a Communications-Writing major from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

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