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Published October 18, 2017

Get Well Prepared to Finish Strong…Before Even Starting

“Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” The popular saying also rings true for a collegiate experience. However, many times students approach the collegiate starting line looking out on the first few miles, but they don’t have a clear picture of the rest of the race. Parents and students can be well prepared with professional guidance, giving them the best chance to cross the finish line and succeed after graduation. During a campus visit (see page 20 to determine which visit is best for you!), families can meet with admissions and financial aid specialists to put them on the best track for collegiate success, whether the student attends CSU or not.

Explore Career Options

CSU offers one of the most comprehensive career assessment tools available to prospective students who want to identify and confirm God’s design in their lives. Trained experts at CSU walk individuals through an assessment that combines biblical principles of talent stewardship with cutting-edge career guidance technology and statistics. Staff members then consult with the student to design a personalized education plan that matches the student’s personality and God-given passions to academic
and career goals.

Establish a Financial Plan

Many times, incoming freshmen know tuition costs for the current year, but they could only guess at the cost for the entire undergraduate education. By completing a total cost of degree financial plan with the admissions team at CSU, families know if the entire degree is affordable, and they can customize an educational plan  that helps their student graduate with minimal student debt.
CSU professionals can walk parents and students through financial aid packages, loans and other financial options, so the family can confidently map out a path to affording an entire undergraduate degree using real costs, not just guesses.

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