Jonathan Jarvis: Creativity and Analytics Combine for Secondary Education-Math Major

Jonathan Jarvis: Creativity and Analytics Combine for Secondary Education-Math Major

Published January 23, 2017

Jonathan Jarvis discovered something while earning his communications degree. He loves mathematics. But how can he apply his passion for math alongside his creativity in communication? He found the solution by combining his two loves as a Secondary Education-Mathematics major. The junior from Sterling, Virginia says, “I wanted to share that passion for the creativity I had found, so I decided I wanted to teach mathematics.”

He enrolled at CSU as a transfer student. Discrete mathematics is his favorite class so far, as he describes, “It was one of the first math classes that really showed creativity that is possible in the subject of math.” He found confidence as he finished Calculus 3 and abstract algebra. “They were highlights mostly because I never thought I would be able to achieve that far in mathematics, but also because at that point as a student, I feel like I really understand higher principles of mathematics.”

Beyond the course content, Jarvis appreciates the professors in the program. “There is an air of constant encouragement,” he explains. “I really enjoy how the professors invest in each student and help push each one towards individual goals. It has helped me as I develop my own methods of teaching, as well as how I learn.” He says professors care about students outside of class. For example, one gave students the opportunity to attend a mathematics conference and hosts end-of-semester parties.

Outside of his major, Jarvis is involved in Student Missions Fellowship, which gives an outlet for utilizing speaking and organizational skills. He is also on his residence hall’s leadership team, which provides opportunities to build relational leadership skills. Since being at CSU, “God has shown how to take what I do know and share it with others in a loving and caring way.”

“CSU is less like a school and more like a community that will foster your true education, not just give you grades.” Jarvis recommends the Secondary Education-Math program, because, “I think it can give each person a clearer way of seeing life, as well as give a vision of the order of the universe that God has created.”

Jarvis hopes to work in a school after graduation, “investing in that school culture in order to give students the same passion for math that I found.”

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