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Kids’ Carnival Meets Alumni Needs and Provides Student Development

Published October 6, 2016

Homecoming Week is right around the corner for the friends and family of Clarks Summit University, and although many of the events are geared toward adults, there is one activity that focuses on children: Kids’ Carnival. This event is held in conjunction with the Block Party from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. on Saturday, October 8, 2016, and is located outside Jackson Hall with a great view of the soccer field.

Fun for the Kids

Kids can enjoy face painting, balloon animals, two bounce houses and cotton candy and popcorn. All of this is offered free of charge for children 10 and under, with a small fee for older kids. The Kids’ Carnival gives little ones a chance to burn some energy, enjoy free snacks and have some fun.

Opportunity for the Students

However, it’s not just about the kids. This event gives current students the opportunity to practice event planning and to minister to families of alumni and current staff. This works out the mission statement of the Student Leadership Council, which is “to help students become servant leaders who passionately love God, unify in community and serve compassionately to advance God’s Kingdom on earth.” Because the college students love God and children, they work together on this event to serve the CSU community through providing entertainment and activities for the children of alumni, campus visitors and employees. This learning opportunity leads to service and spiritual development even in things that may seem insignificant.

Benefit for the Alumni

For returning alumni, this small part of Homecoming Week gives parents a chance to meet the needs of their children while at the same time connecting with faculty and friends from their time at CSU. Everyone loves free food, and the popcorn and cotton candy meet the need for salty and sweet. Then parents can chat and reconnect while the kids work off the sugar high in the bounce houses. Lastly, a little face painting and fun balloon animal give kids a temporary, yet exciting souvenir of the day. This event plants seeds in future alumni of the joy that can be experienced on the campus of CSU.

Find a full schedule for Homecoming Week and Block Party Saturday.

– Julie Wilson (’96)

Wilson is a current writing communications major (’18) who resides in Clarks Summit (she has four kids who enjoy the carnival each year!).

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