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Alumni Mentoring Chapel

Published October 6, 2016

The Alumni Mentoring Chapel will be held on October 7 at 9 a.m. in several different classrooms in Jackson Hall. Alumni will speak for 15 to 20 minutes about their career field, goals and growth in God’s faithfulness. Students will engage in discussion relating to goals, and concerns. Panels will cover subject areas such as Education and Literature, Pastoral Ministry, Counseling, Business Office, Sports and Business Communications.

What is its purpose?

Alumni want students to realize they are not alone. Graduation is often daunting, and students need to be reminded of what God is doing now in their lives. Students may be nervous of how their major will fit into their lives, what will happen after college and how God is going to use them. The recent graduates especially desire to let students know that alumni near their age have gone through similar struggles. Alumni hope to relate to students with similar desires and to show them it is okay to not know the next step.

Who will be there?

Among the attendees will be alumni Shawn Stockdale, a local businessman bringing a unique perspective as a financial advisor. Also, alumni Adam Brinkley, a 2016 business graduate, will be sharing about graduation expectations. Other alumni include Sherry Boykin (communications), Paul Osborne (counseling) and Lakin Harris (office professional). Alumni Council Members Mark Thomson (’91), Mark Meyhers (’85), Marc Herron (’00) and Dave Fox (’84) will attend.

Why should students attend?

Whether students want to be involved in camp ministry, pastoral work, education, business relations, counseling or the arts, all can benefit from hearing the experience of someone who has gone before. Engaging with alumni who are serving and who have overcome challenges will challenge students to critically think about their majors and their faith in God’s design for their lives.

– Elizabeth Schwalbe

Schwalbe, from Janesville, Wisconsin, is a Communications-Theatre and Writing major who plans to graduate in December, 2016.

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