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What is God Doing?

Published October 4, 2016

Dr. James Lytle, president of Clarks Summit University, prepares to deliver the final message in the Recreation Center at the Alumni Bible Conference, October 6 at 7 p.m.

What is God Doing?

This year’s conference theme is, “What is God doing?” Lytle wants to provide students the opportunity to hear the different ways that God is working around the world.

Lytle believes that Alumni Bible Conference is a special time of year. It is a time for students to “Hear some really qualified people share the Word of God, soak it in and enjoy it. It is a chance for students to take a break from school and hear some messages that they wouldn’t normally hear.” He added that the conference is designed to be a time to stop and breathe.

The other purpose of the conference is to give students a chance to apply what is being learned in the classroom. “You don’t want the student with just a degree; you want them to graduate with a knowledge of God so that they will know what they want to do with that degree,” Lytle said. So many times this synthesis can take place when people slow down and think.

God is at Work

In his sermon, Lytle wishes to encapsulate the entire theme of the conference. He decided to preach from Psalm 2. The passage focuses on the raging of the nations, something which Lytle said is easy to focus on today. The chaos on the television screen is terrifying. He desires to remind the audience that God is still working behind the scenes and, as the end of the Psalm says, Jesus will one day rule over all.

Lytle wants the students to look past the mayhem in the world, “I want our students to realize that no matter what they see around them, that God is at work in the world around them and that He means for them to have a significant part in it. We are not meant to watch it happen, but we are meant to be in the middle of it.”
Alumni Bible Conference runs October 5-7. See the full conference schedule.

Davis Moore
Moore is a Senior Integrated Studies major from Plainwell MI; he plans on graduating in May 2017.

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