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Summit Magazine 2016: See the Need. Change the World.

Published September 7, 2016

Meet the World Changers

Ministry isn’t something exclusive to those who stand on a Sunday stage or travel to a third-world country. Ministry happens every day when God’s people serve Him in a wide variety of ways.

At Clarks Summit University, we believe the message of Jesus Christ is world-changing, and every day our students and graduates creatively and confidently live that out in all 50 states and more than 70 other countries.

In this issue, you’ll see examples of CSU world-changers. Some serve in valuable full-time ministries. Others bring their passion for Christ to the fields of science, the arts and business or to community and family life.

Since our first graduating class, CSU alumni have been impacting the world for Christ in traditional full-time ministries, uniquely created, outreach-focused programs and secular careers with a focus on serving Him. In our 85th year, CSU continues to prepare students for lives of significant service for the cause of Jesus Christ in a variety of ministries and careers.

Whatever your passion, God has gifted you with unique skills and interests that He can uniquely use in His ministry.

Let’s go change the world.

About the Cover

Sophomore business administration major Alyssa Judson looks out on Scranton, Pennsylvania, just minutes from campus. Photo by Nathan Miller (’15).

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