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Clarks Summit University Students Enjoy First Week

Published August 29, 2016

New, returning, on-campus and online students return to their studies after spending the summer in ministries and summer jobs. Between syllabi and early mornings, many students are getting their first taste of college life; for others this week is one more piece to their four-year puzzle.

Clarks Summit University welcomes nearly 1,100 students to the 2017-17 academic year, with students enrolled in programs ranging from Bible Certificate to doctoral degrees. This first week of classes has not been spent exclusively in the classroom, though. Students have various special events to attend throughout the week to foster community.

Shared Experiences

The first week of classes at CSU serves to bring new and returning students together in the shared experience of a Christ-centered education. Within this endeavor is an air of excitement and anticipation.

Ciara Altieri is a senior in the Early Childhood Education program. “The first week of classes is a mix between excitement for the new start and the chance to catch up with old friends, as well as a wake-up to the reality of due dates and projects that are soon to come,” she notes.

New student Hannah Phelan says, “One of my favorite parts from this past week were the daily chapels. They created a very welcoming and united atmosphere. Not only was I able to learn from them, but I felt very comfortable and accepted as a new member of the student body.” Phelan is a freshman in the Secondary Education – Social Studies program.

Kaitlyn Saunders is a freshman taking general education online. She says, “The online classes at CSU do a lot to build a community atmosphere. I get excited about receiving positive feedback from my professors or having an engaging discussion with another classmate. I have attended on-campus events, and it is really nice to be accepted into the on-campus community as well.”

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