Which Baptist Bible Seminary Program Best Fits You?

Which Baptist Bible Seminary Program Best Fits You?

Published August 26, 2016

Baptist Bible Seminary offers fully online and web-enhanced programs of study at the master’s and doctoral levels. Every program is centered on the Bible and provides valuable skills that can be immediately applied in current ministries and careers. BBS makes it possible to further your ministry without leaving your ministry.

Master of Arts in Biblical Apologetics 

30 Credits 

As a pastor or ministry leader, you will be strengthened and equipped to better understand, articulate, defend and contextualize the Christian faith in a credible, compassionate and contemporary manner. You will complete half of your studies in Bible and theology and half in specialized apologetic courses.

Master of Ministry

30 Credits 
Online or On Campus

You have years of experience in full-time ministry and biblical studies. You’re now ready to sharpen and add to your skills, and you can do it in one to five years. You can choose from a variety of concentrations to customize your degree to match your goals.

Master of Divinity

94 Credits with Paid Internship
Online or On Campus

Combine academic studies in the original languages and theology with courses that give you knowledge of ministry methods and leadership. You will gain from a one-year, paid internship in a local church or other ministry. You will be effectively prepared to lead and succeed.

Master of Arts in Church Planting and Renewal

36 Credits
Online or On Campus

You have a desire to plant or renew and multiply churches. This degree will prepare you to plant a church, assist in team church planting or oversee daughter church planting. You will build creative partnerships with seasoned church planters who will provide you with necessary knowledge, experience, competencies and confidence to initiate new churches, sites and venues within an increasingly diverse global culture.

Master of Theology

32 Credit Hours Beyond M.Div.
Web-Enhanced On Campus

You will study a curriculum that parallels the foundational coursework for the Ph.D. degree. You will take the same courses as Ph.D. students and write a final thesis, displaying your ability to synthesize and communicate truth.

Doctor of Ministry

34 Credit Hours Beyond M.Div.
On Campus (One-week modules)

Design your own program unique to your ministry setting. You will have immediate impact, gaining practical skills to excel in biblical leadership ministry. Benefit from a collaborative learning environment, individualized application and learning contracts.

Concentrations include:

  • Leadership in Communication
  • Leadership in Counseling and Spiritual Development
  • Leadership in Global Ministry
  • Leadership in Pastoral Ministry
  • Leadership in Theological Studies

Doctor of Philosophy

60 Credit Hours Beyond M.Div.
38 Credit Hours Beyond Th.M.
Web-Enhanced On Campus

Blend a 12-week external residency from your home or office with a one-week internal residency on campus. BBS is the only place you can earn an accredited theological Ph.D. without a residency requirement. Choose a concentration in Old Testament, New Testament, theology or Bible exposition. You will experience a one-of-a-kind program, allowing you to pursue advanced graduate education while still continuing in your ministry. It’s an ideal option for missionary educators, academic leaders, pastors and anyone who desires to research and teach the Bible.

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